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The First Team:

This first listing of items were produced by Avinash. 

Avinash channeled and embodied the original vision for Earth Mission.

Avinash was a very direct  being who emphasized following Spirit and his bias was that each individual was an unstoppable, co-creative  force in the Universe.


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Downloadable MP3 & WMA Files

The most versatile and economical versions are the MP3  & WMA downloadable formats.  Since you download the audio files directly to your computer, you save on production and shipping costs and once the files are on your computer you can then play the file and or copy it to your tape recorder, burn it to a CD or transfer the files to your portable MP3 /  WMA music player.

You will of course need to have a sound card and speakers installed on your computer to listen to the files and copy them to your tape recorder. 

To burn the files to CD, you will need a CD burner blank CD’s and software.  These are very inexpensive these days (around $20). 


Order Code AWA

90 min.  Download version $15.00   WMA  




This recording explores E.T.'s,  knowing yourself, having what you want, following your spirit, channeling  and toning.

A good basic exploration for beginning and advanced alike.

Cellular Release of Repressed Karma

2 hours  Order Code CEL   Download version $22.00  MP3 

This recording is a practical work set.  Part one offers a new look at emotions - expression and repression - how dysfunctional pictures of reality go into endless repeat, crystallizing in the cells of your body.

Part two describes a process for releasing this repressed karma.  It is especially useful to those who wish to master this process to serve their own evolution and the evolution of others.

This is a good companion exploration to the Shattering Illusions set.


60 Min.   Order Code EOD Download version $11.00 MP3 

This audio discussion describes  the 3rd through 7th dimensions with some stimulating insights about group souls and walk-ins.

This one can take you deep. Not recommended while driving


2 hours  Order Code: ETC   Download MP3 version $22.00






 This audio recording is a beautiful,  lyrical and mystical exploration into the possibilities of being *extraterrestrial, celestial or angelic while being in a human body.

This loving experience journeys into spacecraft, other dimensions, and realms not of this earth.

You have not been forgotten. We have come to take you home.  This recording opens the door.

*For some, the term extraterrestrial evokes visions of cute little ET waddling around with a flower pot in his hands or Mr. Spock etc.  I would also like to suggest that the current human population on earth was seeded here by extraterrestrial, celestial, angelic and future self humans.

Here is a little more info from ET 101 available here  to help clear this up.


An extraterrestrial is not an alien. An alien is an alien. An extraterrestrial is a responsible citizen of the cosmos, not a foreigner adrift among the stars.

Extraterrestrials are representatives of light, protectors of life, and lovers of the planets. They are indigenous to any planet they happen to be on by virtue of their citizenship, regardless of their planet of origin.

Many of you have come to believe that you couldn’t possibly be an extraterrestrial because you feel so connected to the Earth and love her so much. May we suggest that if you love this planet at all, you are an extraterrestrial. May we also suggest that your concern for this planet was so great that you cared enough to send the very best in this case, yourself.

Alignment, not lineage, defines the meaning of the term “extraterrestrial.” Although all life emanates from the same source, not all life is aligned with that source. An extraterrestrial is a being who is in sympathetic harmony with the essence of its genesis.


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