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The Second Team:

The second teams recordings were an expansion and higher octave of the spirit of Earth Mission and the progression of its vision.

 The primary emphasis of the  information  that was channeled through AKRIA, AKTIVAR and AKRISTA was to support individuals in knowing their larger identity and living its magnificent, divine purpose.


These recordings were  spontaneously channeled through AKRIA, AKTIVAR, and AKRISTA.

The channeled masters that created these recordings designed each one to break a specific dysfunctional pattern as well as to open those who listen to them to a fuller expression  of their own divine light.

They have also reported that wherever the recordings are played, they are used as access points for them to work directly in assisting whoever is listening to the recording with whatever may be ‘up’ for them in the moment.

**Note, The original  tapes had the same tracks on both sides of the tape. 

The downloadable MP3 files are half the time of the tapes, since it would be redundant and would double the file sizes and download times.

Downloadable MP3 Files

The most versatile and economical version is the MP3 downloadable format.  Since you download the audio files directly to your computer, you save on production and shipping costs and once the files are on your computer you can then play the file and or copy it to your tape recorder, burn it to a CD or transfer the files to your portable MP3 player.

You will of course need to have a sound card and speakers installed on your computer to listen to the files and copy them to your tape recorder. 

To burn the files to CD, you will need a CD writeable drive and software.  These are very inexpensive these days (less than $30).

I. SOVEREIGNTY (Living Your Truth)

Order code:  SOV  30 min**   Downloadable MP3 Version  $11.00

This extraordinary recording is being credited with allowing individuals  deep personal and spiritual shifts.

The progression of tonal songs include:

"The Awakening" - "Heartsong" - "Pattern Release"- "Love and Relationship" - "Coming  Home" - "The ET. Anthem" and "We Are One".

Each time you listen to this recording it allows you to open more to your natural tendency to live at the center of your own reality, rather than as a visitor in someone else's.

ll. MANIFESTATION (The Power of Co-creation)

Order code: MAN   30 min..**    Downloadable MP3 Version  $11.00

This recording takes you into explorations  of the birth of a star- the Universe rearranging itself - life's longing for itself - delighting in the mystery and a pattern break  that reaches into the depths of self-denial and releases dysfunctional patterns around the denial of your own spirit.

This tape can awaken your innate knowing of universal principles and of how to turn your dreams into  reality.

III. HEARTSONG (Awakening To True Love)

Order code:  HRT  60 min..**    Downloadable MP3 Version  $11.00

The first 23 minutes of this recording is a heart-expansive, lyrical toning interaction that sounds  like exquisite communication between angels, native Americans, and  extraterrestrials.

It includes a pattern release that addresses dysfunctional patterns around Love.

This soothing, uplifting, and  delightful tape works directly with the heart chakra. It expands your capacity to give and receive Love and can transport you into a state of gentle, loving openness.

IV. MAGNIFICENCE (Awakening To Your True Identity)

Order code:  MAG 30 min..**      Downloadable MP3 Version  $11.00

This powerful and moving toning  tape leads you through the process of beings choosing to enter this dimension and experiencing the shock of limitation, then forgetting who they are and developing survival identities, and finally powerfully  reawakening to their true identity as Divine Masters.

Each time you hear it you move to an inner position of greater strength to live out your own divine purpose in exaltation of your true magnificence.

V. MASTERY (Living Heaven On Earth)

Order code:  MAS   30 min..**      Downloadable MP3 Version  $11.00

This recording takes you soaring into other dimensions and activates the divine master in all who hear it.

There is no specific pattern release, but rather a powerful infusion of functional energies designed to be supportive exclusively to the master within.

We are all divine and it is time that we all come in to fuller expression of that divinity so we can live Heaven on Earth NOW!

Publishers note:  Please be conscious of how and when you utilize these toning recordings.   Headphones are suggested while driving a car is not.



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