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The Third Team:

These recordings feature Savizar and Silarra.  Their primary focus was that of being builders and supporting individuals in using the raw materials of their own consciousness to co-create a world they would actually love to live in.


Order  Code: FOW   3 hours.    Download MP3 version $33.00

This 3 hour set is one of our most delightful, powerful, and moving  gatherings of wisdom and insights about how to shift into living a life filled with your own divine essence. It is filled with loving  and provocative information from Alarius and Polaria presented in  an often humorous fashion.

A journey into the essential nature of your beingness

Order  Code: LTS   90 min.   Download MP3 version $15.00 


This 90 minute voyage will take you on a beautiful and mystical journey  into the essential nature of your own beingness. Along the way you  will find many new ways of thinking about who you are, why you are  here, and what your relationship is to this planet. This is the stuff of myths and legends. Don't miss yours!

Setting Yourself Free From Dysfunctional Pictures of Reality

Order  Code: SIL   2 hours.   Download MP3 version $22.00

This amazing  set explores the theory and practice of “toning” as used by Interdimensional Masters.

This incredible technology of consciousness uses sound and movement to access energies from higher dimensions that release  lifetime’s worth of karmic or dysfunctional patterning in just a matter of moments.

The spontaneity of this technique allows anyone to begin to use it immediately.

Transcending The Illusion of Resistance

Order  Code: FOL    5+ hours.   Download MP3 version $55.00 


This powerful  set takes you on a journey into your reactions to outside authority and points the way towards transcending the illusion of the need to live in resistance to anyone or anything.

Some topics covered:

Resisting Authority..."No" As a Way of Feeling Powerful...The  Illusion of Pleasure From Undermining Others...The Ecstasy and Fulfillment  of Following Spirit… Defining Self and Others Through Resistance..  .The Illusion of Worthy Enemies... Sex and Resistance... A New Relationship To Power... Transcending Seduction... Sexuality As An Expression of Spirit... "No" Equals Choosing Death Over Life... Allowing Your Own Expression... Making Your Divine Contribution... Releasing  Attachment To Control... Experiencing Your Wholeness... The Magnificence of Spirit... Living In This World But Not Being Of This World...  Waking Up To The Illusion... The End of Outside Authority...


Order  Code:  HTP  5.5 hours.   Download MP3 version $55.00 

This set was  taken from a six-day event.  It explores various ways of knowing  the elements of perfection of your Divine Design:

1) YOUR DIVINE ESSENCE: (What You Truly Are)

2) YOUR DIVINE FUNCTION: (What Your Spirit Spontaneously Does In Every Situation)

3) YOUR DIVINE RHYTHM: (The Natural Flow That Is Unique To You)

4) YOUR KEY FEELING TONE: (Your Fundamental Motivation For Existence  and Pathway Back To The Source)

These elements appear to be so fundamental to your Divine Design that they do not change throughout this Cosmic Day. Stabilizing  yourself around your essence-self instead of form can be extremely useful in times of great change.


Order  Code: OSB  7.5 hours.   Download MP3 version $75.00 

This exquisitely full and profound 7.5 hour set is a wonderful exploration into the nine major Universal Survival Issues that many beings struggle to overcome in the process of freeing  themselves to do their Spiritual Purpose on this planet.

Some topics covered:

The Political Self... Seduction... Sex...The Divine Energetic Signature... Serving Form and Serving Spirit.., Survival Bubbles ... Parameters...  Radical Self Reliance... Total Permission ... Submissiveness..,  Looking Good-To Others... Puritan Work Ethic... Struggle and Hard  Work Equals Having Value... Limitation of Freedom... Being Responsible...  Love and Acceptance... Lack of Faith... Fear of Power... Fear of  Negative Thoughts... Original Sin... Agreement... Dual mates. ..Soul-mates...  Superconscious... Burning With The Fire of Purpose...

Three Basic Shifts To Sacred Expression; Identity,  Life Context and Way of Measuring Reality

Order  Code: EMR  4.5 hours.    Download MP3 version $40.00 

This powerful 4.5 hour set takes an in-depth look into the New Sacred Civilization that is emerging at this time on Planet Earth.

There are many beautiful insights about how to gracefully end your participation with the current "male dominant perspective" civilization and how to open to a civilization that already exists on the 5th dimension and that honors each individual's wholeness.

As you follow your spirit without hesitation you are assisting in  the manifestation of this New Civilization. Your spirit already  lives there.

Some Topics Covered:

Male Dominant Perspective Civilization... Prejudice... Suppression... Reward & Punishment... Symptoms of a Male Dominant Perspective...

New Civilization Perspective... Mind & Spirit Merged... Emotional & Physical Merged... Wholeness... Transformational Shock & Trauma... Empty Mind... Freedom of No Choice...

Biological, Sexual, Territorial Imperative... Intimacy... Sexual Confusion... Resistance To Gravity & Infinity... Ascension... Creation & Destruction... Illusion of Beliefs... Grace & Karma... Background & Foreground in Pictures of Reality...

Standards of Measurement... 4th Dimensional Selves... Integration & Wholeness... Consensus Reality... Density... Living  Your Truth With No Evidence... Knowing... Longing... New Species With Light Bodies... New Civilization

VISION:   12 Elements of Effective Visioning

Order  Code: VIS  60 min.   Download MP3 version $11.00

This single recording is very important in these accelerated times. Following  your spirit is enhanced by effective visioning.

It supports you in having a powerful sense of direction and purpose. This is not a "new age create your own reality" approach. It covers 12 specific elements that address both the background and foreground aspects of the co-creation of a new picture of reality  that will support the co-creation of each individual spirit's version of Heaven On Earth.

Publishers note: If you  find this recording helpful you may wish to consider the much more
in depth  exploration; “The Solar Vision Technique” 7.5 hr. - 5 tape set .  This is also a great introduction to "The Solar Ring" technologies.


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