The Fourth Team:

The 4th team; Visionary Interdimensional Masters, features ZaviRah’ and Ziva’rah.

They carried the Golden Light of Wholeness and Transformation. Their presence here signaled the Mobilization Phase of Earth Mission.  All of the previous teams represented the Blue Ray of Opening and Awakening.  This is an integral part of Earth Mission and continues  to be quite active.  However, much of the Opening and Awakening  information is in the EM Audio 1 through 3 sections and the EM Book section of this site.

It is highly recommended that you be familiar with the techniques  in the Masters Toolkit before engaging these accelerated models and technologies. The Masters Toolkit is a prerequisite for any of the Divine Solar Technologies.


The Golden Ray and Visionary Interdimensional Masters brought  new support, information, technologies and energies for this purpose.

ZaviRah’ brought the essence of Divine Revelation and his Divine Function was to illuminate dynamics and interactions. Ziva’rah brought the Divine Essence of Creation and her Divine Function transforms and reactivates energies into their Wholeness. To simplify it, you might think of Revelation as Vision and Creation as Manifestation.

The emphasis on Vision, Loving Your Wholeness, Living At The Center of The Paradox and Taking a Stand For Your Spirit and its Guidance open the Mobilization Phase for those who are ready, willing and able to  co-create their spirits version of Heaven on Earth.


Order  Code: EOL  6+ hours.   Download MP3 version $55.00

This set is an  extraordinary journey into The Ecstasy Of Loving Your Wholeness. There is special emphasis on a new perspective of the 11 universal pictures of reality that most beings on this planet are continuously trying to change within themselves.

Consider The Possibility That What You Thought Was Wrong With You Just Might Be Something That Is Right With You!

Some of  the numerous topics covered are:  Big Story/Small Story. I Am Powerless • I Am Unworthy. I Don't Belong • I Am Incapable• I'm Not Good Enough. I Don't Have The Capacity • I Need To Control Myself • I Cant Trust Myself, Others, or the Universe • I Need To Be Perfect• There Is A Way That Things Are • There Is A Right Way . The Absurdity of the Mental Body's Position In the Universe • Ascension Into Immortal Bodies of Light


Order Code: EVO  90 min.   Download MP3 version $15.00 

This recording is taken from an event held in Sedona, AZ. It centers around  mastery of divine, evolutionary, synergetic relationship.

Topics covered are:

Evolutionary and Devolutionary Synergy's... The Universal Hopeful/Stupid Pattern... Impeccability... Including Others... Surrendering To  Your Divinity... Your Role As The Light bearer Of Your Lineage.

It opens you to a whole new  way to relating effectively with others while continuing to follow your spirit without hesitation.


Order  Code: TRN   approx 28 min.   Download MP3 version $11.00


This toning / guided meditation recording is the first one recorded on a multi track system. The power of the channeled words with the  toning is beautiful and powerfully transformative. Every sound on  this tape was channeled through the voices of ZaviRah' and Ziva’rah.

1. The Ecstasy of Loving Your Wholeness  2. Body of Light  3. Lightsong   4. Extraterrestrials and Whales   5. Z  Tones  6.  Dimensions  7. The Center of the Paradox  8. Future Call.  Headphones are suggested with this recording, driving a car is not.

 The Quickening:   Toning & Music of The New Civilization

Order  Code: QKN   approx 21 mins.   Download MP3 version $11.00

This audio recording represents, as purely as possible, the sound and “music” of our civilization as it exists on the fifth dimension.  It is composed of multidimensional toning combined with synthesized , electronic sound.  It is like nothing you have ever heard here before, but for many it will be powerfully familiar. It is specifically designed to “quicken” these dense physical bodies into light.   

An Interdimensional Tonal, Synthesized Journey Into Divine Inner Landscapes.

Order  Code: EXA  approximately 23 mins.   Download MP3 version $11.00 


In the holding of your heart, in the opening of your soul, in the delight of your divinity, there is an expansion; an exaltation of your beingness.  The light fills you and surrounds you and lifts you higher.  It touches the very cells of that which you know as your body and transforms it. You are now longer what you were and you are not yet what you will become, but the process goes on.  Delight in your knowing that you are something much greater than you are currently demonstrating through manifestation. Love, love, love each other and all things.  Even those things that your personality does not like, love them nonetheless.  Know that love is not a feeling.  It is not an emotional state, and it is not an emotional response. It is a perception within which you see the divine spark in everything. 

Living Your True Reality

Order Code: MYD   3 hours.   Download MP3 version $33.00 

This recording is a rich exploration into a remarkable inner landscape where manifesting your divinity becomes a living, breathing reality. Living your true reality is an inspirational feast for those who love serving the Force of Evolution. You deserve the opportunity to at least consider the possibilities presented in these tapes.

Leaping Into True Reality

Order Code: MAC   3 hours.   Download MP3 version $33.00


This powerfully stimulating 2 tape set takes you on a journey into an expansive and much needed look at who you are in a Divine context. It explores the finer points of what it requires in terms of dedication and devotion after you have received the call to play your part  in the divine evolutionary drama that is currently unfolding on  Planet Earth. This tape set picks up where "Manifesting Your Divinity" leaves off and takes you even further in becoming  stronger in your stand for your True Reality.


Order Code:  T3D   60 min.   Download MP3 version $11.00


This tape addresses the fact that many beings confuse following their spirits with accessing 5th dimensional information and then using  that information to make decisions with their 3D mind. They are using their divine knowing in much the same way as people who follow "spirit guides". This tape is a dynamic, complete, "no punches pulled" overview of the structure of such behavior and what it manifests. Many people who are actively engaged in what they think is following their spirit are simply doing the same old thing without realizing it. This tape supports you in developing your discernment about what reality you are actually reinforcing  and manifesting.


PLEASE READ: The following tape sets are not for the casual explorer of these materials. PLEASE acquire these sets only if you get clear direction from your spirit that they are your next step. They will radically  alter your life and accelerate you into your divine purpose  on this planet. We are not kidding!!!


Please be aware that, even though you may think it is a great idea to share these tapes with others, that unless those others are fully prepared to begin to  claim the identity and live the life of the character that they  are in the big story, it will not be a kind act.

All the Solar Technologies are designed to support you in fully living in the big story, and as a matter of course, as you begin to consistently access the perspectives and energies they make available, will begin to undermine the life being lived in the small story.

It is best that someone be very clear that that is what they want and that they require of themselves what it takes to obtain their own set. For someone who  is fairly satisfied with their current life, we do not recommend these tapes.

Spirit communicated a distinct structure through which individuals would receive the initiation into The Solar Technologies. The Solar Technologies are priced at  a level that requires a strong indication from Spirit before resources  will be prioritized towards acquiring them.

These technologies are not part of everyone's destiny. If someone that you would like to share  them with cannot afford to acquire these tapes on their own, there is a good chance that their spirit is indicating that this is either not the right time or the right technologies for them. We honor  that and encourage you to do the same.

For you who are clear that it is your next step to engage these technologies and live this  divine existence, we salute you.

ZaviRah', Ziva’rah and Alarius

Please note; The prerequisites  for any of the Solar Technologies is a working knowledge of the Masters Toolkit.


Order Code: SVT  approximately 8 hrs..  includes work E-booklet PDF file.

MP3  version,  $100.00   

 To live on this plane as the multidimensional master that you are requires  a bold, new, spiritually liberated picture of reality. Zavi and  Ziva have compiled a comprehensive working set in which you can participate in many guided meditations and explorations designed  to activate your own Interdimensional knowing. Once declared in writing, your vision will act as a magnetic blue print to accelerate  the manifestation of a powerful and purposeful life based on that  knowing.

An Initiation Into The SOLAR RING:  Seeing Through The Eyes of Divinity

Order Code: ISR  10+ hrs.   MP3 version,  $300.00

This set is a journey. A journey through the aspects of your wholeness that resist you being able to consistently see through the Eyes  of Divinity. Many teams of other dimensional beings will be accompanying  you on this journey, working specifically with you as they implement and customize the technologies of the Solar Ring.

The  Solar Ring is a powerful initiation into 5th dimensional perspectives and is designed for only one thing. That is to always give you the option of returning to those perspectives, no matter how deeply you are immersed in 3rd and 4th  dimensional distortions. It is a technology that embodies the very fabric of Universal Principles. Properly used, it will bring about a much clearer and stronger connection with your own divine spirit.

Ascension:  The Solar Invocations

Order  Code: ASC  approximately 2.5+ hrs.    
MP3 version,  $200.00

This set is designed to slingshot you into another reality. It truly is not for the casual listener.

These  technologies were not originally going to be made available on tape,  and were only rarely shared. The Qua Sa Rah Processes are highly unusual light code adjustments designed to catapult individuals  into their ecstatic, future possibilities and the necessary futations to eventually live in an immortal Body of Light on this plane. Interaction  with them facilitates and supports being able to integrate and utilize the structure and process engaged with the Solar Ring.

Advanced Levels of The SOLAR RING:  Twelve Pathways To The Source

Order Code: ASR  $300  14+ hrs.   MP3 version,  $300.00

Note;  Only available to those who have purchased An Initiation Into The Solar Ring.

The  Advanced Levels of the Solar Ring completes the implementation of a sacred structure of consciousness that was begun with the Initiation Into the Solar Ring.

This structure is made available by teams of holy beings who have traveled twelve very specific pathways  back to the Source. These beings, when contacted through this structure,  make available strands of consciousness to support you in traversing  these same pathways.

This extraordinary technology  of consciousness takes you on a journey into more and more Divine inner landscapes. This transformation and reactivation into your wholeness brings you into greater contact with that which is holy  and sacred in your own soul.

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