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Here are two articles that I ran through a text to speech program.

One of these is from the EM LightSpeed catalog / newsletter, “The One Probability” I added this as a bit of support for the great article by Tom Kenyon “The Art Of Jumping Timelines”.  I will also try adding an *interview with James;

The Sovereign Integral, which offers another alternative to the perspectives and method suggested by Tom.

* I took a closer look at the James article and decided that because of the format the author used, an audio version was not suitable.  You can download the article here:

 - NirBhao

PS all these items are copyrighted by the respective authors, you may freely distribute this Tom Kenyon audio article and the LightSpeed audio article as long as you do not alter the audio files and include the authors web address’s (these are encoded into the files).

Click on the player icons to play the file or click on a title to download the file.

The Art Of Jumping Timelines by Tom Kenyon

The One Probability by Earth Mission