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A Introduction

The Spirit of Earth Mission first presented itself through Avinash in May of 1986 in the Manoa Valley on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Since then a great quantity  of valuable information has been brought through in the form of audio recordings, written material, and videotapes to support the  co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

There have been four teams who have carried forward the vision of Earth Mission.

Each team has brought in a higher octave of energy to support those whom Earth Mission has touched and is here to serve.

This current manifestation of Earth Mission is here by the direct  permission and blessing of KemDara Vitra, the *then heir and co-creator  of  the Earth Mission, ET. Earth Mission and Visionary Interdimensional Masters materials.

Please note that in 1995, the publishing rights to the Earth Mission, ET. Earth Mission and Visionary Interdimensional Masters materials were granted to NirBhao Singh Khalsa,.

In February of 2002 the Earth Mission, ET. Earth Mission and Visionary Interdimensional Masters Mantle of Authority was passed from KemDara to NirBhao.

*KemDara left the earth plane in June of 2008 and while her physical presence is missed her energetic presence is still very much here and assisting as always.

The project manager / publisher  / distributor and copyright holder of these materials and this web site is: NirBhao Singh Khalsa



What I have come to deliver in terms of channeled information is complete. This information came forth to support the beings on this planet in taking a stand for their divinity and ending the denial of their oneness with all life. This is also connected to the Christ Consciousness grid in a way that anyone who uses these materials will have direct and palpable access to other dimensional energies. These energies will support them on their journey back to the Source. I will no longer be voice channeling through anyone on this planet. The time has passed for there to be any illusion that anyone has a special relationship with divinity. I will be available on the inner realms to work with any of you who request this type of support. I, along with other masters, will continue to support the on going benefit to humanity through the materials that came forth from Earth Mission and Visionary Inter Dimensional Masters.

Once again the way that is has changed. Be kind to yourself and others. Heaven on Earth is at hand. Blessings on your journey.


“About these recordings: (Excerpted from The Advanced Levels Of The Solar Ring) On most of these recordings the male embodiment does the talking because his function was mystical articulator and the female embodiment’s function was spiritual precision and flow director, which means that she essentially held the integrity and direction of what, was said through the male.  –NirBhao”

“Zavi Rah: Every recording you get from us is divinely designed. Ziva is in Qua Sa Rah’s lineage; Qua Sa Rah is the essence of divine intelligence.

She (Ziva) basically does all the editing on the recordings. What is on a recording and what is left out of a recording and the spaces in between and how that recording is configured is all set up by divine intelligence.

All the words that are there the tones of the words the energies of the words is all set up configurationally and sequentially from the other dimensions.

Those recordings have a far greater impact than anything that is said on them could possibly be imagined to have... You can listen to each one of those recordings hundreds of times and each time hear something new in them every time.

Ziva rah: There is a very specific living structure of energy that is deliberately built around the master recording when it is done and it is taken from pulling strands of consciousness and frequencies that emerge from the impact of certain things that happen from your cellular structure, your emotional body, your mental body, your physical body all of it.

And this is woven through divine intelligence around the master recordings so it is then transferred when duplication happens.

And so it is a living thing that you are getting and there are actually beings and councils of beings on the other dimensions that are present and hooked up with it if you will, so that whenever one of you plays these recordings it is a fresh experience of grace that is happening with what is going on with you in that moment, not what happened when the recording was made. It is a very specific complex process.” 


The awesome pic above, "Holy" by Tobin Eckian, is used with gratitude.

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