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Note by NirBhao;

Back around 1980, before I came into contact with Earth Mission, I met a delightfully quirky guy known as Michael Lincoln Ebner aka Narayan Singh Khalsa and most recently as Michael J. Lincoln.

In October of 2016 Michael returned to the “Home Office” as he liked to say.  Here is a lovely website post, Michael goes to another dimension:


Like the Earth Mission members he was quite prolific in his many writings and audio talks, here are a few of my favorites which Michael allowed me to make available through the EM website.

I will be adding download links soon.

The Change Process  Flow Chart








COMMENTS: Commencement of process through almost invisible gradual accumulation until a  “straw point” is reached. The process which sets off change is “eyebrowing”, this activates a battle of beliefs between preceding premises and change anxiety expectations.


Change anxiety with a sense of loss



Fear Self love

Possibility of self-checkmate with annihilation-anxiety strategies resulting in more intense eyebrowing later.

AIDS: Try to create conditions for person to see that the cost of old behavior exceeds that of change.


Made In Heaven

There is a new age / old phenomenon entering on the scene recently. "What’s new about it is that it is happening with such frequency and impact. What is being referred to is a Divine intervention called here the “Cosmic Partner”. These are incredibly intense love relationships that intrude into one’s life out of the blue, so to speak. They are not affairs, in the sense that they are not responses to spouse dissatisfaction or developmental processes or neuroses. They are also not open marriage relationships, with their agreed upon permission and matter of-fact consummation. They are also not romantic love relationships, in that they do not involve the projection of missing parts of one’s self onto the other, and they involve total accountability, responsibility and commitment to all involved parties.

What happens is that an instantaneous recognition reflex that is all but overwhelming occurs on contact. It is unavoidable and uncontrollable. In effect, it is a spiritually based relationship that opens all the energy centers or chakras at once for a mutual connection on all levels. Incidentally, one of the reasons it is hard to distinguish from the other kinds of relationships is that it so resembles the initial reaction to one’s spouse, if that relationship is truly successful. The reason is that the spouse is in effect the primary cosmic partner. Oftentimes, part of the intensity of the recognition reaction comes from the fact that the people have shared past lifetimes and/or are predestined siblings of destiny for this lifetime.

Cosmic partner relationships require a great deal of the individuals involved, and they are therefore not for everybody. It takes a person with a great deal of maturity, soul development and personal resources to handle one realistically and responsibly. However, as they are part of the evolution/transformation process that characterizes this era, they are simultaneously prelude prototypes of how almost all relationships will be after the current transition - transformation is completed. As a part of this evolutionary process, it is probable that many people will find themselves with more than one cosmic partner in their life at a time along the way.

Cosmic partners have many functions, but one of the universal ones is to teach one how to love, trust and be vulnerable without reservation or self protection. Because of the intricacies of spouse relationships, this is all too often a needed lesson. It also has the effect of terminating the “Quest for the Golden Orb”, that childhood leftover search for total parental love and validation. Which is in turn the attempt to reconnect with God through the original “stand-ins”, so to speak. The cosmic partner relationship simply has the effect of defusing all the pull and punch power of that unrealistic longing.

The basic essence of the purpose and effect of a cosmic partner relationship is the complete commitment to the spiritual growth of both people. They are reciprocal in their effects\ and benefits though they may be complementary in their impact on the two individuals. For cosmic partners are in effect direct spiritual interventions in the individuals’ lives which are tailor made for the needs of the individuals involved. The nature of the needs being addressed will deter— mine the nature of the relationship and long range outcomes. These relationships have the effect of releasing your soul via the qualities of the soul of the partner. You see God looking back at you, and you fall in love with who you can be. They generate instant total love because they are direct person to person pipelines to God.


Chapter ll   Further Information On The Nature of the "Cosmic Partner"

The most singularly important thing about the cosmic partner is that it is a direct Divine intervention in the people’s lives designed to eliminate the barrier to the manifestation of their Destinies. The intervention is two fold. First in the intense period of the relationship, the focus is on the learning necessary to be able to carry out your function. Then in the longer haul, the partner is one of a number of resources available to facilitate your manifestation. Because it is a Divine intervention, it is the most intense teaching experience possible, just about. It comes because there are significant barriers to your fully being who you came to be, and it therefore is in effect a “roto rooter” process. It is often tumultuous, painful and disruptive, and it invariably raises all sorts of complex and profound issues arid experiences along the way. The intended result is your taking on much more of the archetypal manifestation of yourself - your true Self.

The partner is selected to precipitate the necessary processes and circumstances to be the ultimate lesson in what needs to be learned. It focuses you on what’s missing in your relationships and in yourself. They are cosmically calibrated to be just what the Doc ordered, no more and no less. Ideally it results in your completing with your stuff so you can fly.

However, by its very nature, it is the ultimate high stakes. It is a make it or break it opportunity event. They force you to play it all the way out -- your Destiny or your fate, your choice. Needless to say, they are deadly serious business. It throws the spotlight on all dark and dank corners of your life and questions all your preceding self assumptions. It is your “Lady or Tiger?” situation, where you in effect are a Roman gladiator standing in front of two doors. Behind one is a beautiful lady who is to be your mate. The other door conceals a ferocious and famished man eating tiger. You have to choose one of the doors. It is either a pole vault into higher consciousness and manifestation or a plunging to the depths of degradation and despair. They can make you or break you. The best and the worst are activated by such an intervention.


Chapter lll 

Chapter III

Cosmic Partners

by Michael J. Lincoln

                "You can't leap the chasm in two small bounds . . .      --- Lloyd George

Welcome to "Chapter III" -- with nine years in between this and "Chapter II".  In that interim, a very large number of "cosmic partnerships" have been observed, tracked and followed up.  This paper is a presentation of the findings of this process. 

In the first place, it should be noted again that these are NOT the usual "normal range" relationships.  They are actually commitments by both inner essences or "souls" or "spirits", and they represent a Divine intervention by the "Home Office".  The partners come to each other around very deep, very imperative, and very impending issues that reflect lesson refusals or lesson prevention’s that now have to be dealt with forthwith.  As was said earlier, they usually represent a "make it or break it" situation.  They are an awakening, a sign-pointer of where you have to go.  They are therefore not a "relationship" in the usual sense.  They indicate what you need to do, experience, learn, or become in order to reach your Destiny.  The characteristics of the partner and the events during the partnership period do the pointing. 

Cosmic partners are for experience-based learning and lessons.  Mental, objective or acquired knowledge just doesn't do it because what is being affected, activated and hopefully healed is almost always very early developmental and pre-mental stuff, often involving even intrauterine learning’s.  The partner forces you to be face-to-face with your issues 24 hours a day until you get the lesson.  Then it suddenly turns quietly neutral and the utterly impelling nature of the thing lifts, to be replaced by the "warm, fuzzy" experience -- if the lessons have been learned.  Cosmic partnerships are about deprogramming, denemisizing (ending your "fatal attraction" hang-ups) and redesigning your operational ego for action on your Destiny. 

There is usually one major lesson to be learned, along with a large number of other, more subtle lessons that evolve out over time, after the intense initial period has completed.  There may also be some karmic settlings involved for the two people involved.  The partnerships are multi-dimensional and often "delayed action" in their purposes and impact.  The effects usually play out over a long time after the initial intense learning is completed.  The purposes are almost always not known until this intense initial period is over, but all of the lessons are covered one way or another in the process.  And when the partnership is successful, it results in major transformations of your life.  They are truly profoundly healing experiences when they work. 


The Cadre

(Publishers Note: I read this gem, which was written before E.T. 101 had been published and for me, it had the profound effect of saying “Hang In There, You Are Not Alone and Help Is On The Way” which manifested about a year later as E.T. 101 and Earth Mission.

We are at the present time at a critical point in the evolution of the whole human race.  The common word for it is "Armageddon".  However, unlike the usual associations with the term, it is not the beginning of the End, it is the end of the beginning.  We have been learning the ropes of coping on the space-time plane for all these years, and we have finally gotten to the point where we have to leave that learning behind and start co-creating with God.  However, it is very hard to trust the universe when fear has been the only sane reaction to the processes involved in learning the lessons of the past.  So we need both "bayonets in the belly" that tell us not to do those things that were required to survive in the world of the past and "guiding lights in the darkness" to show us how to do it right.

 To do the latter, there is a 65,000,000 strong group of people -- the "advance people" or "transition team" -- on the scene at the present time.  These individuals have been here many, many times before, and they are very old souls.  They are kind of like "senior ditch day" high school students waiting for graduation.  Meanwhile, the rest of the populace is still in school for the long haul, with average being in the fifth grade.

 At the same time, however, they have chosen to come into environments where they were treated as if they were weird versions of the normative soul age at this time, namely two octaves lower than they are, in the young soul range.  The result was a gross misfit between the soul age of the person and what they experienced.

 The result is a feeling of "Did I land on the wrong planet?", because of this misfit and because of the lack of relevant resources, experiences and relationships for the most part.  They have a strong sense of being alone and alien, strangers in a strange land.  Yet at the same time, there is a pronounced sense of purposefulness and significance, as if they have some sort of major destiny somehow.

 The experience is of being surrounded by people who are not at their level of development, a "ship of fools".  At the same time, the people around them react to their different ness, no matter how hard they try to suppress it, package it, hide it or use it.

 Some people react with fear, anger and hatred, accompanied by expulsion or extermination attempts.  Others react like a "feeding frenzy of piranhas" -- you are something they want and they get heavily into manipulative, exploitative, and extortionistic functioning with you.

 The result is that these people frequently can't put out who they are, what they perceive, what they foresee, and what they are capable of.  There is no way to effectively determine what people will do with what they say, do, sense, know and are, so discretion becomes the better part of disclosure for them.  They become very guarded in a subtle sort of way.  They also have to project some sort of reassuring mainstream quality or innocuousness.

 Out of all this develop a number of specialized qualities.  These qualities can be subsumed under two general headings.  One is their world-wisdom, which arises out of their having had to be immersed in the middle of the young soul fray with the awareness of the old soul.  The other is that they are very much in touch with their soul's resources. Both of these are to be used to provide critically needed resources at this pivotal time in human history and to also provide relevant "working models" for others to utilize in becoming able to operate in new, higher consciousness ways.


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