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Please note: The following books are in the process of being re issued as PDF eBook files. 

We would also like to  again offer them in  book form but that cannot happen until we receive the seed funding  required.

* denotes that the item is now available as a purchasable downloadable PDF or as a PDF file on a CD that you can view and or print out for personal use.


The “Masters Toolkit”  $60.00

The Masters Toolkit comprises the four Earth Mission foundational technologies of consciousness, which assist individuals in co-creating and sustaining realities that they would actually love to live in.


Available as a downloadable  ZIP file for $11.00 (which contains the PDF eBook ).

This eBook is dedicated to those who thirst and hunger for higher truth and mistakenly think it might be available only to or through a select group.

These amazingly accelerated times require a lot of anyone who is here on this planet. The higher truth that we can attain by accessing our own spiritual essence just might be crucial in the years that we find ourselves in.

This book offers a fresh approach to accessing your spiritual self as a way of life, with a method that is easily accessible to all.

The contents are taken from a one-day event in Miami Beach, Florida.

Included are some rather simple and effective techniques that can have you accessing your own higher truth in a very short period of time.

“It is with the constant support of our “friends in high places” and living our prime directive to follow our spirits without hesitation that the Earth Mission experiment dynamically continues it’s evolution.”

I want to thank Matt Robintree for his invaluable assistance in getting this into PDF format.

Transcending The 4th Dimension

A “Light” Approach To Exorcism

Downloadable  ZIP file for $22.00 (which contains the audio MP3 file and the PDF eBook ).

This fascinating and lighthearted approach to exorcism offers a fresh look into an ancient spiritual arena. Earthbound and possessive spirits need our help in returning to the Light.

The PDF eBook also contains KemDara’s Vow Rescinding Technique

Too few individuals know what to do. This audio file + PDF eBook shares techniques and insights into this much ignored subject.


Available as a downloadable  ZIP file for $5.00 (which contains the PDF eBook ).

This  updated / expanded version  of   the  Superconscious  Technique   was  re-edited  by KemDara   to  reflect  a  more  integrated  approach  to  the  technique.     The publisher has also added a clarifying Light Speed article at the end of the eBook and added KemDara's Vow Rescinding Technique as well as two new variations of the Superconscious Technique.

This eBook contains a very potent technique for altering your "picture of reality" quickly, easily, and powerfully.

Practicing this technique allows for an experience of aligning with your spirit in your day-to-day life with a universal practicality. It is a quick and easy tool to help manifest your dreams into reality.

"We find that the use of this information has allowed us to operate in a way that frees us from the common,  problem solving mode."


Setting Yourself Free From Dysfunctional Pictures of Reality

Order  Code: SIL   2 hours.  MP3 Download version $22.00   

This amazing  set explores the theory and practice of “toning” as used by Interdimensional Masters.

This incredible technology of consciousness uses sound and movement to access energies from higher dimensions that release  lifetime’s worth of karmic or dysfunctional patterning in just a matter of moments.

The spontaneity of this technique allows anyone to begin to use it immediately.

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